Aporia is our home gallery and

focuses on contemporary visual arts.


From 20th of November to 5th of December 2021

Opening event Saturday 20th of November 5 pm - 8 pm

Visits on Saturday and Sunday between 2 pm and 5 pm

Marie Lechat is a visual artist residing in Brussels. She makes collages and sculptures in steel wire that are welded together. Marie Lechat uses this to delineate the simplicity that she reduces to outlines. Her work is about the wondering of the other. The spectator reads the work and has to fill it in further. In this way Marie Lechat opens a panoply of meanings and embraces interesting art.

Marie Lechat makes sculptures in steel wire which are welded together.

Marie Lechat delineates simplicity and reduces it to outlines. This is why her work appeals to us immediately because we recognize it at a glance and we fill it in with our own ideas, unsolicited. In her art themes, Lechat appeals to an ancient human reflex that reflects the success strategy of our species. This is the wonder and curiosity about our own kind. The works capture this moment and refer to the need we feel to connect with others in order to cooperate with them and realize common benefit. She draws the outline in a two-dimensional surface that stands in real space and aims to have the viewer read the artwork and further fill it in (according to their own understanding). She outlines these moments with simple iron/concrete wire, which she welds together very firmly and intimately. The images symbolize the ultimate understanding which we could just as well interpret as a state of ultimate distress because we look straight through the works into the void. This duality is already striking and this even before we take up our own position regarding the work used, our personal perspective and content. In other words: what attitude do I take towards what is shown and what interpretation do I give it? This is where the multiple layers in the work of Lechat come into play: she gives us the outlines and formulates a proposal for us to fill in ourselves. This challenges but does not provoke because it has already been thought about during the creation process in a very fine and quasi 'invisible' way - the works find their final content in their positioning in real space.

Marie Lechat thus opens up a panoply of meanings and thus embraces interesting art.

Marie Lechat - De Witte Engel



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